FatCat Records
2520 Logo sculpture 


Tough, legible, and portable


This logo sculpture film prop was part of the promotion for DJ Alex Knight’s 25th anniversary of FatCat records based in Brighton, once of central London.

The idea was to photograph this sculpture in front of all previous locations relevant to FatCat Records: Old record shops in London and Brighton, and other key venues that relate to the label / artists over 25 years.

These images would then work with the animated gifs as part of the marketing campaign.

This bespoke logo sculpture was made using a 1m x 1m aluminium sheet, electroluminescent wire (EL) and white emulsion paint. 

Design specs included:

Clipping points were incorporated to attach shoulder and backpack straps. This made it portable and attachable to other objects in-situ.

Large enough to be legible at a distance yet easy enough carry for a 5’ 6’’ guy like me, including rubber strips for the corners for use on public transport. The metal is sharp.

Durability was a key travel consideration, plus we didn’t want something that was precious or fragile. The wear and tear was part of its character: A metaphor for the glorious imperfection / reflection of music making in general.

Capable of illumination for night shoots (EL wire).