SnedLab is a research and design based experimental thoughtspace for UK graphic designer, artist and all round creative imposter Mark Alexander Sneddon: Imaginary starship captain, pancake builder, party lover and hexagon enthusiast. The goal is to develop innovative, intelligent, witty projects without the constraints of the client brief. Think of this site as the equivalent to messing around in my shed and organising my thoughts... a design exorcism of sorts. 

Core design interests include music, art, sustainability, geometry, shape, form, but is not limited by any subject or medium. 

The majority of this work is an ongoing conversation between architecture and myself, being that I considering studying it at one time. This means on many levels, most of the work here was heavily conceived with the idea of being physically built or made as opposed to just existing in a two dimensional context. 

I especially enjoy creating projects that exist at the intersection of different design disciplines.

I’m fascinated by draughtmanship, concrete structures, pyramids, sculpture, the past, the future, numerology, ancient symbolism, the cosmic, the esoteric, the megalithic, the absurd... and grids.

I also have sibling website to this called www.sneddonist.com which focuses on art and drawing.

Here’s my bread and butter work: https://www.behance.net/marksneddon

And lastly, far be it for me to tell people what to do; I would suggest the best way to view this site is as full landscape layout on a desktop screen if possible. Enjoy.

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