To Be or Not To Be

Typography, animation and editing.

The following on from the fifteen second promotional and full length track ‘frame-by-frame animations’ for backtotheparty.

The brief changed in that vinyl promotion was no longer the goal, instead it was promotion for a future BTTP club night.

Animations were required to become self-contained animated club visuals in their own right.

Due to the budgetary limitations - a kit of animations / template system was deemed the most appropriate; quick assembly, efficent and unique to each track.

This was achieved by utilising and expressing the grid design and coloured bars and editing:

(1) BTTP intro and present (and colour assignment)

(2) BTTP track number

(3) Bespoke track animation: Coloured bars 

(4) Closing credits (R,R,R).

Full length videos here.